Jetro Cash & Carry
Jetro Cash & Carry
Flushing, New York

Partnered with a proven management team of a founder-owned business-to-business foodservice retailer with a true value proposition to its customers to drive growth through continued geographic expansion and new product offerings

CCMP invested in Jetro, a leading low-cost, B2B, cash & carry retail foodservice operator in the U.S., in 2014.

CEO Corner

Stanley Fleishman
Stanley Fleishman, Executive Chairman

"CCMP has been a great partner over our longstanding relationship. They are knowledgeable, patient investors that understand how and when to work with our family-owned and operated business that is constantly striving to achieve our aggressive growth plans."


Opportunity and Why CCMP

  • Large & stable foodservice industry
  • Leading operator with attractive value proposition serving local independent retailers & restaurants with products at competitive prices
  • Unit growth in new & existing markets; expand product offerings; realize operating efficiencies; international expansion

Value Creation

  • Drove same-store sales growth
  • Drove margin improvement through operating efficiency and volume discounts achieved through scale
  • Consistent new unit growth in new and existing markets
  • Executed on international expansion strategy and entry into new product categories


  • Revenue and EBITDA growth during CCMP’s ownership
  • Strong market position, foodservice industry leading margins & growth
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growth img

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