The CCMP Growth Mission Statement & Values

We back high growth middle-market consumer and industrial companies based in North America. We strive to be the partner of choice for company founders and business leaders seeking an investor to help them rapidly grow their companies. We believe in seeking and acting on the truth to make the right decisions with speed and conviction. We all win when we deliver on our commitment to generate strong returns for our investors and create life-changing professional and wealth-building opportunities for our portfolio company and CCMP teams.

Our Core Values

  • Sole focus on investing in growth companies
  • Invest for long term success that sustains beyond our investment period
  • Embrace a continuous learning mindset
  • Concentrate and excel in our core areas of expertise
  • Promote agility and decisiveness in thinking and action
  • Support a successful balance of business and personal life
  • Unabiding conviction and determination to achieve our Mission
  • Deep investment in our portfolio companies at all levels of CCMP
  • Hold ourselves and our partners accountable for seeking the truth, operating in an ethical manner and delivering on our commitments
  • Create durable winning strategies with our investors, portfolio company partners, advisors and team members
  • Treat everyone with the highest standards of fairness, transparency, respect, and ethical behavior
  • Celebrate success and learn from adversity as a team