Decks & Docks
Decks & Docks
Clearwater, Florida

Partnered with a strong management team of a family-owned specialty distributor to support their growth strategy of expanding through organic initiatives at existing sites, new unit openings and strategic acquisitions.

Founded in 1991, Decks & Docks is a value-added specialty distributor of marine contractor and outdoor living supplies based in Clearwater, Florida.

CEO Corner

Shawn Roberts
Shawn Roberts, CEO

“Decks & Docks’ success over the past 18 years has been a direct result of our commitment to providing customers with an attractive combination of the best products, unrivaled technical expertise, speed, reliability and convenience. With CCMP Growth’s extensive experience in growing businesses similar to ours, we are confident they are the ideal partner to help us achieve our growth plan.”

Tyler Wallace
Tyler Wallace, President

“Shawn and I are incredibly proud of the growth Decks & Docks has achieved over the years, which would not have been possible without the dedication of our employees. As we enter the next chapter of the company’s history, we are excited to partner with the CCMP Growth team to capitalize on new opportunities that will enable us to provide even more value to our customers.”

Opportunity and Why CCMP

  • Leading positioning as the only pure-play provider of scale in a highly fragmented industry with a strong customer value proposition
  • Large, growing market supported by sustainable secular trends and a focus on the repair and replacement segment of the market
  • CCMP track record of investing in multi-site and specialty distribution businesses to drive strong, repeatable growth
  • Management, who is reinvesting a substantial amount alongside CCMP in this transaction, was looking for a growth-oriented partner to assist them in achieving their value creation plan

Value Creation

  • Drive same-store sales growth supported by market growth, continued customer wallet-share gains, and material conversion trends (wood to composite decking)
  • Grow unit count through acquisitions and greenfield openings
  • Expand geographically into new markets to build a national presence
  • Strategically vertically integrate in key product accessory categories

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